Do Something Great – help out your club!

Volunteering’s big news in 2016 so if you’d like to Do Something Great, there’s plenty of scope at our club! We’re always looking for volunteers to do things to help keep the club running, be that maintaining the clubhouse or helping organise fundraising events. So if you’ve got any skills (e.g. a good organiser or electricians, plumbers, DIY enthusiasts), get in touch! It would be good to do a bit of Spring cleaning too in the clubhouse, and maybe add a new coat of paint – and many hands make light work! Looking for inspiration?  Check out the BBC’s Do Something Great website to see what other kinds of volunteering people will be up to this summer. BBC Do Something Great
If you’d like to get involved with jobs around the club or have any ideas of your own, please contact Penny Simmonds – thank you!