Tennis members can book courts (including the practice wall) free of charge via our Booking page on ClubSpark. If you’ve booked courts before, please click on the image below:

Click here to open ClubSpark bookings

If you haven’t booked a court yet, please follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide:  

How to book a tennis court

Here is a summary of the steps:

  1. Check your inbox for an invitation from East Dorset Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club and open the email

  2. Click on ‘Register or login now’ in the email to open this webpage

  3. Complete your personal details, select the consent checkboxes and click ‘SIGN UP’

  4. On the next page agree to the Terms and Conditions and optionally Our Offers, then select ‘Continue’

  5. You’re then logged into ClubSpark and can see your profile page

  6. Click on ‘Book a court’ to open the Bookings page below. Notice your name in the top right corner showing you’re logged in and the drop-down box saying ‘View as Guest’

  7. To make a court booking, click on the drop down arrow next to ‘View as Guest’ and select ‘View as Tennis Member’

  8. Scroll down and you’ll see that the padlocks have disappeared on all the courts you’re able to book

  9. To book a court, double click on the relevant grid cell to open the ‘Make a booking’ dialog box

  10. Click ‘Book now’ and then agree to the Terms of Use

  11. You should then see a booking confirmation page and you’ll be sent a booking confirmation email

  12. Click on ‘View my bookings’ to see all your upcoming court bookings