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The courses will be for one or two evenings on subjects that have been suggested by the members. The series is entitled ‘Better Basic Bridge’, which will be much improved over previous courses with enhanced presentations and more opportunity for hands-on bidding and card play. All our courses come with comprehensive notes.

Dates and time will be announced here but the courses are expected to be on Thursday evenings for 7.00 – 9.30 PM.

As with all the bridge courses held at EDLT&CC, non-members are very welcome. Anyone wishing to enquire further about our proposals should contact the committee or non-members can email EDLTCC enquiries


The series of Better Basic Bridge (BBB) courses is designed to improve the bidding and play of the typical bridge player who knows already how to play bridge with confidence but wants to do better, perhaps with a regular partner. It is stressed that the courses are not suitable for beginners; they are aimed at the level often referred to as “improvers”, that large group of players that realise they can progress but are probably not yet aspiring to be experts.

Each course will take place over one or two evenings depending on the amount of material to be covered. Participants will bid and play many hands during each course followed by an analysis of both the bidding and play. Comprehensive notes are provided, which will cover all the topics on the course with many examples taken from the presentation.

The venue is the function room of the East Dorset Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club at times and dates advertised. Tea and biscuits are provided during the half-way interval.

All courses will require a minimum of 12 attendees and numbers will be limited to 24 as this is the most that can be sensibly accommodated in the space available. If there is a high demand for any of the courses, these can be rerun provided the minimum attendance is achieved.

The current proposals for course topics (subject to modification in the light of feedback from potential attendees) are:

COMPLETED – notes are available


Much more information on the content of each course can be found in the BBB Prospectus.