Casual Hitters in full swing

Are you looking for new people to play with but don’t want to enter a box league?  Or would you like to have a hit midweek but don’t know who else is around?  Then sign up for our Casual Hitters list and find yourself some people to play with!
wooden racquets
We currently have 17 ladies and 14 men signed up, so that’s plenty of people to start arranging some singles or doubles.  The lists are displayed on the Tennis Noticeboard in the club verandah, along with a sign up sheet for new players.  All you have to do is give your name and contact details, and describe your general playing standard and availability. Then it’s a case of making some phone calls and arranging some games!
Ladies Men
Jane Chapman Sam Harrop
Caroline Thomas Steve Ellis
Wendy Hanford Cliff Sorge
Janet Pickering Tom Walters
Heather Millard Tim Hubbard
Lynne Dinmore Gareth Perry
Dagmar James Steve Graham
Dee Nustedt Colin Simpson
Penny Alexander Mark Hanman
Noelle Fowler Victor Parkin
Kate Wyatt Matthew Lewin
Val Hutton Chris Bowden
Stella Gardner David Lewin
Pippa Creasy Pau Folque
Edwina Riddle
Anne Lovery
Sally Revell
Help spread the word amongst club members, and enjoy your tennis!
Tennis noticeboard