Winter Membership



In the past, members of nearby clubs have played at EDLTCC during the winter period using the Green Fee scheme. While this possibility continues this winter, we have been forced to ensure that our Green Fee rules are followed (for insurance, licensing and Club Rules reasons), in particular that the Club members who sponsor visitors remain with them and are responsible for them throughout their visits. This winter we are trialing a Winter Membership scheme, which should overcome this problem. Players can join the Croquet Section of EDLTCC either as Winter Full Members (or Winter Country Members if their journey is over 25 miles each way) or as Winter Social Members. The full and country members have most of the normal membership rights during the winter-court period and can play without further payment. The social members can play under the Green Fee scheme (i.e. paying £10 per day), but without needing a member sponsor for each visit. The subscriptions are shown in the table below.
Croquet Section Membership Period Covered Playing Croquet Cost
Full Membership Oct 2016 – March 2018 Full use of Croquet facilities £295*
Country Membership (over 25 miles by road) Oct 2016 – March 2018 Full use of Croquet facilities £210*
Social Membership Oct 2016 – March 2018 Social members can play croquet under GREEN FEE rules (without a sponsor)** £35*
WINTER Full Membership Oct 2016 – Feb 2017*** Full use of Croquet facilities** £140
WINTER Country Membership Oct 2016 – Feb 2017*** Full use of Croquet facilities** £100
WINTER Social Membership Oct 2016 – Feb 2017*** Can play croquet under WINTER GREEN FEE Rules** £10
* These 2016 rates will change on 1 Jan 17 to whatever the newly agreed 2017 rates are. ** Winter and social members do not have access to the Bridge Section. *** Winter members can play on the 2 winter courts, expected to be open from 14th November 2016 until sometime in February 2017 (depending on the weather)


During the winter court season, a single green fee will cover one whole day from 10am until dusk.

The Daily Fee is £10

Non-members must be sponsored by a member, who must accompany the visitor throughout their visit and is responsible for their conduct and use of the Club facilities. Croquet Section Social Members do not need a sponsor to play under Green Fee arrangements. As usual, enter details in the Green Fee book in the mallet cupboard, and post the fee through the slot on the left side in the mallet cupboard. The normal daily green fee limit (ie 6 visits a year) does not apply during the winter court period.


Complete an EDLTCC Club Membership Application Form and a Croquet Section Supplementary Form. Add a cheque and pass them all to John Crisp, Croquet Section Chairman. Both forms are on a single A4 page. They can be sent to John by mail or telephone him on 01305 832529 or email him at to make other arrangements. After joining, you will receive a Club membership card. Dr JJ Crisp, Bellamy Cottage, 89 Sutton Road, Sutton Poyntz, Weymouth, Dorset, DT3 6LW.


Astute readers will have spotted that by taking out a normal Club membership before the end of 2016 will give 2 winter-period memberships and a full summer membership for very little more than the cost of 2 winter memberships.