General Info

We have a busy tennis programme at East Dorset for juniors and adults, including regular club sessions and group tennis coaching, provided by Max Tennis School. There are 19 tennis courts on 3 different surfaces (artificial grass, tarmac and grass). Many of these courts are floodlit so that you can play tennis all year round. There is also a kids’ mini tennis court and practice wall. The club welcomes all standards of tennis players from complete beginners to established team players and we can offer opportunities for social and competitive play. We are affiliated to the Lawn Tennis Association and the Dorset LTA and we take part in the Dorset and Hampshire & Isle of Wight winter and summer Leagues, with a variety of mens, ladies and mixed teams.    


Floodlights for Astroturf courts 1-6 may be used after dusk. Tokens are provided free of charge for the evening Club Play sessions (Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-8pm), and from 4-6pm on Saturdays.  At all other times tokens can be bought from the dispenser in the club foyer (outside the Mens’ Changing Room). Tokens are £1 each and will last 35 minutes on both the Astro courts and hard courts.  The token machines for Astro Courts 1-4 are in the hut close to Court 1, while the token machines for Astro Courts 5-6 and the hard courts are in the far hut. The tokens go into the slots on the top right side of the machines (you’ll need to remove the velcro strip first). Warning lights (red or green depending on the court) are positioned on the floodlight poles on court and will illuminate about five minutes before the session is due to end. This provides a warning that an additional token must be inserted to ensure that the floodlights remain on for another session. If the lights go out, there is about a 15 minute cooling-off period before the lights will re-light. Floodlights may not be used after 10.00 pm. The final time at which a token may be inserted is therefore 9.25pm.  

Tennis Green Fees

Members may introduce friends to play tennis at the Club at any time unless special or regular events have priority on all of the playable courts. Members should avoid busy Club Play sessions for example.  Please note that tennis members are asked to wear the shoe tag that came in their membership pack, to show they’re members. Visitors must pay a Green Fee for each session played in the morning, afternoon or evening. The Green Fee is £5 for adults and £2.50 for juniors. The exceptions to this are Access-to-Leisure (ATL) players (who pay 25% of the appropriate fee and have to be able to show their ATL card), and if a club member is playing a Poole Tennis League match against a non-member.  Please note that a Green Fee is payable for Poole Tennis League matches between two non-members. For standard visitors, please enter the names of visitors, together with the member’s name (where appropriate) and the date, in the Green Fee Book kept by the telephone in the clubhouse lobby. Post the appropriate fee, in one of the brown envelopes provided, through the letter-box near the telephone. Non-members are permitted to play as visitors for up to three sessions in any year (April to March), after which they’ll need to join as members to continue playing at the club.  ATL players are not subject to this restriction. Members should ensure that visitors are aware of the benefits of club membership and provide them with a Membership Pack where appropriate. If visitors attend Club Play sessions, members should endeavour to ensure that they are not required to select a four, i.e. visitors should be selected before their names reach the bottom of the board.  

Tennis By-Laws

  1. The Tennis Section shall appoint a Committee comprising a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Grounds Representative, a Junior Officer and such other members as they deem necessary for the efficient running of the Section.
  1. The Tennis Committee shall be responsible for the efficient running of all Tennis Section activities.
  1. The Tennis Committee shall ensure via the Grounds Representative that the quality of the tennis courts is preserved and make all reasonable efforts, in liaison with the Club Grounds staff to improve their quality.
  1. The Tennis Committee shall prepare an annual budget to ensure that the Tennis Section income from subscriptions tournament fees, matches etc. for the year ahead shall meet all expected Tennis Section expenditures. The contribution of Tennis Section funds to Club costs shall be determined by the Club Executive Committee in negotiations with Tennis Section representatives.
  1. Refer to the current issue of Tennis Court Allocation as amended by the Tennis Committee from time to time.


  1. Games last for one short set.
  2. Each player must provide 4 balls of acceptable standard.
  3. A court may not be retained by the same group of players (either single or doubles) for more than one short set if others are waiting to play, except for tournament and club matches.
  4. All players shall wear appropriate sports clothing. Tennis shoes with coarse soles are not permitted on grass courts.
  5. Each new member will be given an LTA Club Rating.
  6. The Tennis Committee shall ensure that Tennis Section activities do not contravene the Club Rules.
  7. All children under 13 years need a Parent to join the Club.