Lawn Care

Corner Spots

It doesn’t take long for a hole to appear in the corner spots of all our lawns. In an attempt to prevent this, the Croquet Committee has decided to introduce a local law requiring that “no stroke may be played where any ball involved in the striking is on or very near the corner spot”. The balls must be moved away from the corner spot in accordance with Law 34 so that all balls involved in the striking are at least one ball’s diameter from the corner spot. Balls may still be placed in the corner spot if, for instance, the striker plays a ball into the corner. Also, if a roquet is being made onto a ball already in the corner, the corner ball does not have to be moved first. For the purposes of Law 34, the corner spot is deemed to be an area of Special Damage (although this rule should actually prevent damage). For movement of the balls, the relevant part of Law 34 states: “the striker may move any ball so affected by no more than is necessary [in our case a minimum of one ball’s diameter] to avoid the damage and never to his advantage”. This rule is waived for the Westerns and the Eights Events.

Repairing Damage

From time to time we all cause damage to a lawn, usually by taking a divot with the leading edge of our mallet. Its important to repair any damage to the lawn immediately, doing so improves the chances that it will be successful. The divot needs to be replaced but not before the soil has been gently teased and loosened with a divot repairer. Once the area is loosened place the divot back into place and tread in with the sole of your flat shoe. We should all carry, as a matter of routine, a divot repairer when we go out onto a lawn. Divot repairers can be purchased at the club.